Cancellation and Late Payments Policy

Once you have booked with me, either by email or phone, and we have confirmed dates then you have entered into a formal contract.  Very occasionally things happen and a cancellation, or postponement, might need to occur.  Whilst I try to be as flexible as I can, I do ask that you give me as much notice as possible and also please take note of my cancellation policy below.  Please also take the time to read my late payment policy, which is below my cancellation policy.


Cancellation or postponement:

Should you need to cancel or postpone an agreed session date you may be liable to a cancellation charge.  This charge is determined by how long in advance of the date(s) of the agreed session(s) you cancel or postpone it/them (i.e how much notice you give me):

  • notice given more than three full weeks (21 full days or more) in advance of agreed session date - no charge
  • notice given between one and three weeks full weeks (8 - 20 full days) in advance of agreed session date - I reserve the right to charge a cancellation or postponement fee of half the agreed cost of the session(s).
  • notice given up to, or less than, one full week (7 full days or less) in advance of agreed session date - I reserve the right to charge a cancellation or postponement fee of the full agreed cost of the session(s).


Occasionally I might need to cancel a session, due to illness or other issue outside of my control.  I will always try to give you as much notice as I can and I will endeavour to reschedule the session, however, should this prove impossible then there will be no charge for any sessions I cancel.


Late payment

I usually issue an invoice for my work, which must clear into my account within 30 days.  Should a payment be late I will contact you and advise that it is overdue and ask for it to be paid asap.  If I do not receive a reply I will contact you again and advise that you might be subject to a late payment charge, in line with statutory law.  On very rare occasions, such as when a client has ignored overdue invoice reminders and/or persistently made late payments, I will ask for payment to be made on the day I deliver any future workshop/resources - this is to ensure that I receive payment on time.  I hate doing this, so please do join the majority of my lovely clients who pay promptly!

Please do contact me if you have any questions about this cancellation and late payment policy.