About me

I am a professional storyteller, a writer and a freelance heritage learning practitioner.

I work in schools, museums, heritage sites, libraries, churches and outdoor settings - in fact anywhere that is open to creative practice!

I live in County Durham in the North East of England and my work takes me across the region, up into the Scottish borders and down into Yorkshire.  I also travel much further afield for specific projects.

I have a BEd (Hons) degree in primary education, with a specialism in expressive arts.  Prior to freelance work I ran award winning education services in a museum and a major cathedral.  I am a member of Equity, the actors' union.  I have public liability insurance and a DBS.

I love working creatively so do get in touch!

(Illustration of Elizabeth by @helenfrancesillustration)

Why do I love telling stories?

Storytelling is one of the first skills we learn in life: watch a young child and you will see them use stories to interpret and make sense of their world.

Stories give the teller, and the listener, an opportunity to journey into a different world, to explore the past, to tell tall tales and to have fun.  With stories anything is possible; who knows where a tale will take the teller, or the listener - how exciting is that!

Stories and storytelling shouldn't be viewed as a luxury, or something we do when we have time; they are key to child development and vital to an adult's ability to communicate effectively.  Stories not only allow children to develop skills of listening, writing and reading, they also provide an environment for them to reflect, interpret and ask questions - as well as giving them the opportunity to develop confidence to speak.  These are skills for life.

(Picture: Telling stories with Y3 pupils on the island of Lindisfarne, Northumberland)

Find out more about stories

It is said that all the stories in the world have developed from seven story plots: Overcoming the Monster; Rags to Riches; The Quest; Voyage and Return; Comedy; Tragedy; Rebirth.  Read more about this in Christopher Booker's book 'The Seven Basic Plots'.

If you want to know more about how to tell stories and where they come from then contact me to deliver some storytelling training for you.