Easter stories

Easter stories - Easter Tales (KS1)

Full day: 4 classes.  Half day: 2 classes

A simple telling of the Easter story, which introduces pupils to the key concepts of Easter.  A range of artefacts from each of the key events of Holy Week help to support learning.  

The session concludes with the opportunity for pupils to reflect on, and ask questions about, the Easter story to develop an understanding of the meaning of Easter for Christians.

Easter stories - Three Tall Trees (EYFS)

Full day: 6 classes.  Half day: 3 classes. (Class sessions last 30 minutes and can be repeated to suit school timings, or combined with another Easter workshop)

Three trees grow tall and strong on a mountain top.  As they grow they dream of what they might become.  Each plays a part in the life of Jesus, but it is the smallest tree that has the hardest load to bear.  My version of the folktale 'Three Tall Trees' sensitively introduces EYFS children to the Easter story, whilst also placing it in context with the story of Jesus.  Incorporating actions and call and response, pupils are given the opportunitiy to reflect on the meaning of the Easter story for Christians.

Easter stories - Were you there? (KS2)

Full day: 4 classes.  Half day: 2 classes.

Hear the Easter story from the point of view of those who wintesses Jesus' last days on earth.  Different disciples give their version of the events of Holy Week including: Matthew's joy when the crowd cheer as Jesus rides into Jerusalem; Judas' hopes that Jesus will become a warrior king (and his big decision to force that to happen); Pilate washing his hands at the actions of the crowd; and Mary's horror at finding the empty tomb.  Stories are told at a series of tableaux, each depicting a stage from the events of Easter, with time for pupils to reflect and ask questions to develop an understanding of the importance of Easter for Christians.

"It was great to have you.  I can't wait to get them writing, I was so impressed with how you managed to engage them." Y3 teacher, Durham

"Thank you, our children had a fantastic day!" Headteacher, Hartlepool