Stories, object handling & writing activities to support teaching Northern Saints in KS2

Supports KS2 RE syllabus work on Northern Saints.  (Can be adapted for schools who study Northern Saints in KS1)

Full day: 2 classes.  Half day: 1 class.

Edwin, Oswald, Aidan, Hild, Cuthbert, Wilfrid and Bede.  Amazing saints who shaped the Christian heritage of the North East.

This workshop introduces pupils to the lives, and stories, of the northern saints and their influence on Anglo-Saxon Northumbria.

An interactive whole class activity explores Christian ideas about the characteristics of a saint (you'll find out why wings and bones are important!), then you'll hear some stories from the lives of the northern saints and engage in a range of activities to reflect on their work and legacies.

Pupils will have the opportunity to see real and replica artefacts linked to each of the saints (including a page from a real medieval illuminated manuscript) and try on a monk's habit.

You can also choose from the following activities (subject to time):

Marvellous manuscripts - learn how to write like a monk

Pilgrims and pilgrimage - find out about pilgrimage and make your own pilgrim badge

Life in a monastery - learn monastic sign language, find out about a monk (or nun's) day and explore monastic medicine

"The children have talked about you all afternoon. Thank you!"  KS2 teacher, Hebburn