Hands-on workshop and stories to support teaching the Anglo-Saxons in KS2

Supports NC History work on 'Britain's settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots', particularly Anglo-Saxon invasions, settlements and kingdoms, Anglo-Saxon art and culture and Christian conversion.

Full day: 2 classes.  Half day: 1 class.

An Anglo-Saxon grave has appeared in your classroom.  Pupils will need to use their critical thinking skills to examine it closely and try to identify the objects found with the skeleton to build a character profile of the person buried.  Along the way they'll learn how archaeology can explain the past.

We'll bring the skeleton 'back to life' to consider Anglo-Saxon life and you'll also hear stories and legends from the Anglo-Saxon period and try your hand at weaving a simple braid.

Then choose from a selection of activities (subject to time):

Manuscripts and writing with quills

Aerial photographs and archaeology

Anglo-Saxon art

Runes and games

Herbs and Health

Make a clay pot (small extra charge applies)

From the Norton burials to the Northern Saints, the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria was an important period in the history of the North East.  This workshop uses evidence from contemporary documents, real and replica artefacts, modern day writing and archaeological evidence. It encourages pupils to select and organise historical information and develop an understanding of how historical knowledge is gathered from a range of sources.

"Thank you so much for the Anglo-Saxon workshop .... I'd like to book you in advance to come back into school."  Y5 teacher, Durham

"Thank you for such a wonderful experience."  Y3/4 teacher, Darlington